J. Cole’s Hometown Of Fayetteville, N.C. Honors Him With His Own Holiday

Rapper J-Cole gets will be honored with is own holiday in his hometown of Hometown hero and Fayetteville, North Carolina tomorrow March 1st.

Radaronline reports that the event is part of the “Dreamville Weekend,” which will begin on Thursday, March 1st, and will include guest speaking engagements and also a concert. This is a tremendous feature for the Roc Nation artist who left NC after high school to attend St John’s University in Queens, New York on an academic scholarship.

J-Cole success is widely attributed to his lyrical content where he often matched with youth experiences, in ‘Fayetteville’ and later transitioning into superstardom. In 2012 during his cover photoshoot with XXl mag Cole says that he long desired to “make it” for “Fayettenam,”

Ironically, Cole’s mixtape, Friday Night Lights, has a song entitled ‘Home for the Holidays’ and now, officially on Thursday, Cole will have his own well deserved, holiday at home.

Well, J-Cole has landed a record a deal with one of the top record labels ‘Roc Nation’ along with a few hit records under his belt to date. What’s great about this story is that J-Cole understood the importance of education and he never waived his academic career during his pursuit for a contract. Many young aspiring artists can truly learn from him.

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