Kanye West and Jay-Z Auctioning Off Maybach From “Otis” Video For Charity



Kanye and Jay are going to be auctioning  off to charity the very car they demolished in the Otis video. It was announced today that the vehicle will sell at Phillips de Pury auction house in New York on March 8.

The proceeds from the sale will go to the charity Save The Children and is expected to sell for around $100,000 – less than a third of its original worth.

A press release from the auction house read:

“Jay-Z and Kanye West are towering figures in contemporary culture.  They have greatly contributed to the artificial barriers between art, music, fashion, and cinema to come down. Their video for Otis became an instant classic. The Maybach they have transformed for it has the starring role.”

President and Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles added that the money from the car’s sale will go to families in East Africa.

“The rains have arrived in some areas of East Africa, but the crisis is far from over. It will take many months for farmers and families to replenish herds and replant and harvest crops. The funds raised from auctioning off the Otis car are greatly needed to help sustain families over the next several months. We are grateful to Jay-Z and Kanye West for offering up pop culture history to do good for children in Africa.”

Otis Video

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